8795 Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, FL


Groove Room


A staple at Spinnaker Beach Club over the years, the Groove Room began as a true Discotech in the 1970s. Since then, it has morphed into a state-of-the-art Sound and Lighting venue located in the Heart of Spinnaker, and has been home to many of the finest DJs to grace Panama City Beach, FL. Having three bar stations, ample table seating and access to Portside and the Rock Arena, the Groove Room is the hub of this amazing nightclub. Ground trembling Lows and Crystal Clear Melodic Highs will put you in a state of euphoria as our DJs take you on a musical journey with exclusive remixes from around the world. Featuring any and every music genre from the 1960’s to Present, the Groove Room is sure to have you dancing all night long. 2016 The Groove Room (Media IMG)