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Kyle Mitchell & Southern Sunday

Kyle Mitchell & Southern Sunday

Great artists connect. They walk into a room and intrigue you. They are passionate and hard-working. They know great songs. They move you, and leave you wanting more.

Kyle Mitchell was born and raised on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Before taking up music as a member of the duo Southern Sunday with Alec Kotrous, Kyle was drafted by the Minnesota Twins to play professional baseball.  At six-foot-five, strong, fast and smart, Kyle was a natural.  Fortunately for Kyle’s fans, an injury ultimately led him from sports to music, where he discovered his voice and devoted the same work ethic and passion that served him so well as an athlete to connect with audiences as an entertainer.

His natural vocal style, stage presence and songwriting abilities emerged instantly and he knew he had found his true direction. Blending traditional country, Americana, blue-eyed soul and the ability to connect with live audiences, Kyle and Southern Sunday quickly became staples on the Gulf Coast music scene.  After several years on the live circuit and in the studio, Kyle was discovered and has partnered with Nashville music industry veterans and is excited to bring his music to a wider audience.

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